Most entrepreneurs fail many times before they hit a home run, some never hit a home run and get lots of singles, others strike out all the time. As for the strike out kings, at least they tried, at least they lived.

Bottom line: “If you’ve never failed you’ve never lived”

This video is an inspirational message for anyone in search of their dream to live by.

Website Critical Mass

There are few things as rewarding as seeing a website you developed hit its critical mass (see – tipping point ).Unless you are flush with venture money to pour into a massive marketing campaign, with a new website you have the a catch 22 that no one wants to join, read, become a member, buy from, or use a site that no one else is using.This leaves bootstrap web entrepreneurs struggling each day to get to the point where visitors see enough activity at the site to make them feel comfortable using their site’s services on a regular basis. Read more

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