Peter Schiff or Nostradamus?

I read a lot of blog posts that I forget about a few minutes later, but I read one today that just put me in a real bad mood….Flushing Money

Jon Symons on his art of money blog has a mashup of Peter Schiff videos where Peter Schiff predicted the financial economic collapse close to two years ago while others laughed at his predictions (really, you can hear other ‘experts’ laughing at him in the background).   For me,  the real scary stuff in the post are the  more current videos when he  talks about now and then predicts where our economy is heading in the coming years.

Hyper inflation and total economic collapse is the general theme.  Normally, I would think Peter Schiff is just another mouth piece trying to sell his book “Crash Proofbut he was so spot on about what is going on now, could he be correct on what is yet to come?

As a good friend that works for Chrysler has told me; “there are two types of metal to own in the new economy gold and lead.  Gold to barter with and lead for guns to protect what you have.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t go there.

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